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DAkkS Calibration

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DAkkS Calibration

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Operative sales electronic moduls

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Operative sales electronic moduls

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Electronic modules

Comprehensive EMS service for all aspects of electronic components

The SMD placement lines are the heart of our electronic module production. They are equipped with the most modern equipment due to increasingly complex and smaller components. 3 complete placement lines, which can place up to 215 000 components per hour, are located on a production area of approx. 1100 m².

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The requirements of our customers are very important to us. As a result, we can react to them flexibly and individually by producing small quantities as well as medium production runs. To ensure a high level of quality level, the assembled SMD modules are checked by automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries including industrial electronics, medical technology, and sensor technology. JUMO is the right partner for you if you are looking for an expert and reliable service provider for electronic modules.

Special industry expertise: industrial electronics, medical technology, and sensor technology.

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Our services

  • Preparatory stage
  • Production
  • Quality management

Preparatory stage

Logistics/material procurement

Our strategic and operative purchasing department makes use of an international selection of suppliers. The supplier pool is characterized by long-standing business relationships and offers you a high degree of reliability. More than 15000 electronic components in the JUMO database mean that we are able to offer flexibility. After prior consultation we will grant you access to the JUMO component database. Here you can search for components that are already in use by JUMO. Our inventory management system ensures optimized material procurement. We guarantee that all customer-specific data will be treated confidentially.

Layout/data preparation

On the basis of your parts list, the circuit diagram, and the rough placement we work out the layout and the corresponding production-ready documents for you. Based on your CAD data, parts lists, Gerber data, and placement coordinates we create all necessary work plans, placement programs, and production documents.

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SMD placement

Our SMD placement is very flexible with 3 SMD lines, so that all common SMD design types can be placed. In addition, the optical centering of the SMD components ensures that they are securely placed on the circuit board. This also applies to special components. The annual capacity currently amounts to 150 million components. In addition, we achieve short delivery times for our customers through three-shift operation of the SMD placement lines.

THT placement

In our production we have 10 semi-automatic placement devices available for wired components. Our experienced employees ensure that the THT components are precisely assembled. As a result, we achieve an annual capacity of up to 10 million THT components. We are currently testing an AOI system for THT components for quality assurance purposes.

Soldering processes

Soldering processes such as reflow soldering, wave soldering, and selective soldering mean that JUMO is ideally positioned to meet the various customer requirements. Selective soldering frequently replaces hand soldering and guarantees consistent results. All mechanical soldering processes are carried out in an N2 atmosphere, therefore providing a high degree of process reliability. Lead-free soldering is of course standard with us.


Upon request, the electronic modules that are produced can be installed in a housing after they have passed the tests you require. You receive your product fully assembled and can therefore save time and money.

Electronic Modules Flying Probe

Flying Probe

Mounting of electrical assemblies

Automatic optical inspection (AOI)

Quality assurance

Testing and checking

Upon customer request, we already develop a test and inspection concept during your development phase. The necessary test equipment can be built by you or by JUMO. We offer the following test procedures:

  • AOI
  • ICT
  • Flying Probe
  • Function test
  • RUN-IN
  • X-ray

Quality management

Our IT-supported quality management system is used for statistical process controls and archiving. Permanent monitoring of all process steps enables us to ensure consistent quality. We carry out a product audit for each new electronic module to ensure continuous optimization of the manufacturing processes.

Your contacts

DAkkS Calibration

Region South: Sivachidambaram Muthupandian +91-9611062288 +91-9611062288

DAkkS Calibration

Region North, East, West: Jayant Varade +91 8451076665 +91 8451076665