Power control of a chamber furnace

Power control

The maximum temperature that can be reached when heating electrically powered industrial furnaces – such as furnaces for case hardening, electric arc furnaces, or smelting furnaces – depends on the kinds of heat sources that are used. JUMO offers you solid state relays and thyristor controllers suitable for resistive and resistive-inductive loads. High temperature heating elements made out of silicon carbide or molybdenum disilicide can be controlled just the same as short, medium, and long-wave infrared radiators. The thyristor controllers have current limiting and optional control algorithms to ensure a consistent power output.

Our components for power control

Full performance under control

JUMO thyristor power controllers

Power controllers (one or three-phase operation) are required for contactless switching of alternating current loads, as is the case in chamber furnaces, for example. The advantages of the JUMO power controllers include access to all process data for a quick overview of the state of the machine, predictive maintenance thanks to integrated diagnostic systems, and full access to the device status. Other advantages include space-saving installation through close mounting, and load monitoring for detecting partial load failure or load short circuits, by means of a "Teach-In" function.

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