Smart up your Automation!

System solutions for intelligent energy management

SINDEX is the largest Swiss trade fair for industry and automation and offers a unique platform to learn about the latest technologies, products, and services in the industry.
It is an ideal opportunity to find out about new developments and trends, make business contacts, and exchange ideas with experts.

We look forward to welcoming you in person on-site in
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JUMO- Lösungen- Industrie 4.0 vom Sensor bin in die Cloud

Industry 4.0 from the sensor to the cloud

Our focus topics

Smart up your Automation!

As a system provider of industrial sensors and automation technology, we present our latest solutions from the fields of measurement, control, and automation. The main topics are our automation system as well as the innovative technologies IO-Link and Single-Pair Ethernet.
From the sensor to the cloud, our products cover the entire automation process. Experienced experts are available to answer your questions, discuss individual requirements and develop customized concepts together for your specific challenges.

Visit our booth to discover the latest innovations in these exciting areas of Industry 4.0.

More about automation solutions

Automation systems

Automation solution with JUMO variTRON series

The automation system from JUMO is modular and highly scalable. JUMO variTRON is based on the JUMO JUPITER hardware platform and a flexible software architecture. CODESYS PLC is used as the programming environment for the PLC. With the intelligent automation solution from JUMO, nothing more stands in the way of your process reliability.

More about the variTRON series
JUMO- Automatisierungslösungen

JUMO automation pyramid

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