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Performance and safety under the toughest conditions

Railway technology has long been one of JUMO's focus industries, which is why our systems and solutions are specifically designed to withstand the demanding conditions found on rails. The measuring systems are compliant with EN 50155. Furthermore, they work precisely and reliably even when exposed to vibrations, strong temperature fluctuations, and electromagnetic influences. Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of measurands − from temperature and humidity measurement to level determination and pressure monitoring. Visit us at the joint booth of the "CNA – Cluster Railway Technology" and find out about our innovative technologies!

Ideal climate with the JUMO hydroTRANS

Optimum air quality due to precise humidity and temperature monitoring

We also have a lot to offer you in terms of travel comfort. JUMO hydroTRANS S40, which is approved according to EN 50155, is part of an extremely intelligent device family for humidity and temperature monitoring. The rod version with an optional C02 module provides healthy air when traveling. This device works according to the capacitive measurement method, is available with various interfaces, and corresponds to the latest technological developments.


JUMO hydroTRANS S30/S40: the intelligent humidity and temperature transmitter for railway technology

M2M communication in rail transportation

M2M communication in rail transportation

Process efficiency through M2M communication

Let the machines do the talking!

Efficiency increases and cost reductions are usually only possible through automated systems and flexible process evaluation. As a system and solution provider for sensor and automation technology, we offer you not only state-of-the-art sensors but also the appropriate automation systems and browser-based evaluation tools. As a result, the process data of all trains can be centrally merged and managed in a single dashboard, which ensures seamless monitoring and optimization of your operating processes.

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