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Portable, digital pH / Redox and conductivity measuring devices (202710)


  • Min. and max. value memory
  • Hold function
  • Adjustable automatic switch-off
  • Easy-to-read, 2-line LC display
  • Supply from a 9 V block battery
  • Display of battery condition
  • Compact design


  • Mobile measuring points
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Waste water technology
  • Surface water


The measuring devices of product group 202710 are battery-operated hand-held units intended to define the following measured values:
- pH value, Redox potential and temperature, or
- conductive conductivity and temperature respectively
in laboratories, industrial plants, in waste water treatment, in fish-keeping or fish-farming, etc.
The devices feature a min. and max. value memory and a hold function.
To extend the longevity of the battery, the device can be automatically shut down within a time span of 1 minute to 2 hours. Continuous measuring is also possible. The devices are operated using a membrane keypad.
The 202710/20 version is a device measuring the pH value, the Redox potenzial as well as the temperature. It is equipped with a manual or automatic temperature compensation for the measured value. The available Pt 100 temperature probe is an optional feature.
A commercially available single-rod electrode is connected to a BNC socket.
The single-rod electrode can be adjusted by means of 2-state calibration.
The 202710/30 version is a device measuring conductive conductivity and temperature.
The pre-installed conductivity measuring cell is equipped with graphite electrodes and features a cell constant of 1.0 1/cm. The temperature probe for automatic temperature compensation is integrated in the measuring cell. The hand-held measuring device permanently displays the conductivity compensated to 25°C. The automatic measuring range selection ensures that the measured value is always displayed in the optimal measuring range. This function can also be disabled.


Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
PT100 immersion/temperature probe, attached cable connection, mini DIN Plug for instrument type 202710/20... für Version bis Juli 2015 price on request
Tauch-/Temperaturfühler für 202710/20-000 ab Version August 2015 price on request

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