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JUMO DICON touch – Two-Channel/Four-Channel Process and Program Controller with Paperless Recorder and Touchscreen (703571)


  • Vibrant 3.5 inch color screen, with 320 × 240 pixels and 256 colors
  • 32 programs with easy-to-use program entry and program control
  • Interfaces as a standard feature: USB host, USB device, RS485 (COM1)
  • Available as an interface (COM2): RS422/485 Modbus master/slave, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet, PROFINET IO device
  • Integrated paperless recorder with tamper-proof data storage
  • 4 individual process screens with user configurable input fields
  • 16 math and logic functions
  • Flexible through modular hardware
  • Password-protected user administration
  • Five-digit analog value display
  • Individual operating level
  • Control loop and output level monitoring
  • Integrated timer and time switch
  • Service and operating hours counter
  • Web server for online visualization via a web browser
  • Alarm by email
  • Protection type on the front, IP66
  • AMS2750/CQI-9 calibration certificate
  • cULus, DNV GL, DIN EN14597 approval


  • Industrial furnace construction
  • Test chambers and heating cabinets
  • Climatic and simulation chambers
  • Incubators
  • Autoclaves
  • Dryer
  • Sterilizers
  • Heat transfer oil plants
  • Plastics industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Test benches
  • Regular food and luxury food
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Use on ships


The DICON touch is a universal process and program controller with 4 control channels that displays information on a vibrant screen. The device is operated intuitively via touchscreen. Up to 4 control channels have the tried-and-tested JUMO control algorithm with 2 possible optimization options. These enable a simple and highly-accurate startup. As a result, multiple zone control, cascade control, or other complex control tasks are possible. The block diagram below illustrates the various different hardware options offered by the modular hardware concept. 4 analog universal inputs and up to 8 external inputs can record a variety of physical measured values with high precision. The actuators can be controlled directly in the device in an analog or digital manner through different output variants. These can be expanded further through external digital outputs. Interfaces such as Modbus (master/slave), PROFIBUS, PROFINET IO device, or Ethernet with web server can be used for the communication with superordinate systems. To ensure secure process operation, the device has a password-protected user administration with individual assignment of rights for different levels or control commands. Screen masks for controllers, program generators, recording, and for overview screens are ready-made and available. 4 individual process screens can be created by using the configuration software. Important analog and digital process values can be stored in a tamper-proof manner with the extra code recording, graphically visualized, and exported in a tamper-proof manner to a PC via interface or USB flash drive. The configuration software ensures that the process controller can be easily programmed, that math or logical coherences can be described, and that customer-specific linearizations can be created. In addition, tools for simulating external signals or control paths are included. These tools can also record for the duration of the startup. A comprehensive alarm and limit-value concept as well as a flexible digital signal administration complete the "all-in-one" device.

Operating Manual
eLearning Course (explanation video about the product)
German [de]
[de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Anwendung der Mathematik- und Logikfunktion in J... [de] Anbindung von JUMO dTRON 300 an JUMO SVS3000 [de] Webinaraufzeichnung: Die Parameter der Parameterebene in JUMO-Kompaktr... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Prozessbilderstellung am Beispiel des JUMO DICON... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Effizienzsteigerung durch sichere Nutzung der Se... [de] Webinaraufzeichnung: Sicherer Umgang mit Gerätetexten in JUMO-Bildschi... [de] PC-Auswerte-Software PCA3000 [de] PCA-Kommunikations-Software PCC [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Formularfunktion der PCA3000 am Beispiel des LOG... [de] JUMO-Konfigurationsprogramme [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Konfiguration der Reglerfunktion für stetige- un... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Konfiguration der Reglerfunktion für Dreipunkt-,... [de] Inbetriebnahme von Regelkreisen mit dem JUMO diraTRON [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Anwendung der Kaskadenregelung [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: JUMO-Regler als Programmregler [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Inbetriebnahme von Regelkreisen mit dem JUMO DIC... [de] Webinar recording: Erhöhung der Regelgüte durch gezielte Störgrößenauf...
English [en]
[en] Webinar recording: Application of the math and logic function in JUMO ... [en] Connection dTRON 300 to SVS3000 [en] Webinar recording: The parameters of the parameter level in JUMO compa... [en] Webinar recording: How to enhance efficiency by safely applying autotu... [en] Webinar recording: Creating Process Pictures on the example of a JUMO ... [en] Webinar recording: Safe handling of device texts in JUMO screen device... [en] PC Evaluation Software PCA3000 [en] PCA Communication Software PCC [en] Webinar recording: Form Function of PCA3000 using the example of JUMO ... [en] JUMO Configuration Programs [en] Webinar recording: Configuration of the controller function for contin... [en] Webinar recording: Configuration of the controller function for 3-stat... [en] Startup of control loops with the JUMO diraTRON [en] Webinar recording: Using cascade control [en] Webinar recording: JUMO controller as a program controller [en] Webinar recording: Startup of control loops with JUMO DICON touch [en] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Industrial heat treatment according to AMS2750 a... [en] Webinar recording: Increase of control quality through targeted feedfo...

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Article number Product description Price of the full version

PCA3000 JUMO Evaluation-SW 709701

Download  177_178u.exe (30 days Test Version)  (183.1 MB)

additional information
price on request

PCA3000/PCC JUMO SW-package 709701/02

Download  177_178u.exe (30 days Test Version)  (183.1 MB)

additional information
price on request

GSD-Generator JUMO 144.01.xx/1.xx (download free of charge on our website)

Download  144.exe (Free version)  (8.4 MB)

additional information

Setup/Programmeditor/Startup JUMO DICON 703571

Download  266.exe (30 days Test Version)  (84.1 MB)

additional information
price on request

Program editor JUMO DICON touch 703571

Download  266.exe (30 days Test Version)  (84.1 MB)

additional information
price on request

JUMO Device App for Android

Download  352.01.06.apk (Free version)  (2.2 MB)

additional information


Download ()  (17.3 kB)

additional information
price on request

Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
Universal Input Module 703571(20258x) wi price on request
Universal Input Module Dicon Touch 70357 price on request
Relay Module Dicon Touch 703571(20258x) price on request
2x Relays Output Module Dicon Touch 7035 price on request
Solid-State Relay Module Dicon Touch 703 price on request
Logic Output Module Dicon Touch 703571(2 price on request
2x Logic Output Module Dicon Touch 70357 price on request
Analog Output Module Dicon Touch 703571( price on request
703571/20258x /17 (2 PhotoMOS relays) price on request
703571 2*Halbleiterrelais 230V/1A price on request
Ethernet Board Dicon Touch 703571(20258x price on request
RS422/485 Modbus Board Dicon Touch 70357 price on request
Interface PROFIBUS-DP 703571(20258x) price on request
USB cable, A-connector to Mini-B connect length 3 m price on request
USB stick 2.0 (2 GB) price on request
703564/1-23 ER8 3A/250V price on request
703564/1-22 ER8 relay module 3A/250V, 20 price on request
703571/4 (Activation controller 3 and 4) price on request
Activation of recording function 703571( price on request
703571(20258x)/212 (Math and logic modul price on request
703571/215 (Math and logic module 9-16) price on request
Program generator 703571(20258x) price on request
License automatic print PCA3000 price on request
Surface-mounted housing for type 703054 (96 mm × 96 mm), with lid price on request
Intermediate frame price on request
stainless steel housing for AQUIS touch price on request
preconfiguration (Service) price on request
deployment of service price on request

Accessory product data sheets

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